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Mosquito Bite Relief - Helps Reduce Itch, Chemical Free and Travel Friendly.



This is an essential Click device to have in mosquito present environments. If bitten, simply Click the device about five times on the bite. This will not only sooth the swelling and inflammation but mitigate the urge to scratch the bite area (which can aggravate it).

EASY TO CARRY: This tiny pocket size device weighs just about 5 grams making it handy and easy to carry around especially when traveling abroad – This device is hassle free. It can also be attached to a keyring or lanyard making it very portable.

LONG LASTING: This bite relief is ready to use on over 3000 bites to provide relief. No expiry dates to worry about. This little device does not require power so nothing to recharge or replace in it. Very convenient and perfect for camping, hiking, forest and jungle trekking, mountain climbing, leisure holidays, etc.

HOW IT WORKS: It works with piezoelectricity, i.e a tiny static charge which is released at the flat tip of the device when the button at the opposite end is pressed. When applied to the bite area, this tiny static charge reduces itching, the urge to scratch and the swelling. So, simply hold the Click device between your first two fingers, place the flat tip directly onto the bite and press the button with your thumb about 5 times.

ATTENTION: DO NOT USE if you have a cardiac pacemaker, implanted defibrillator or other implanted electronic device. Not for use over open wounds or rashes, or over infected or abnormal skin conditions, on bleeding or secreting areas, or if you are sensitive to electric stimulus. Not suitable for pregnant women. Safety and effectiveness has not been established in neonates, infants and children. Enclosed product leaflet must be read before use.

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