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What is an Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser and Humidifier?

An ultrasonic diffuser and/or humidifier is a simple, small electric device, that uses atomisation technology to convert water and any added drops of essential oil into a cool fine mist (without use of any chemicals or heating elements)

Benefits of an Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser and Humidifier

1. Mini Humidifier: The cool fine mist produced moistens the air and fills it with the fragrance of the essential / fragrance oil (if added). Low humidity has adverse effects.

Central heating and summer heat often lower humidity indoors (create dry air). Moistening indoor air is important as it helps prevent dryness in the eyes, throat and skin. It is also known to:

a. improve our respiratory system and provide relief for cough and colds.
b. reduce snoring and promote better, more relaxed sleep and leave us feeling lifted and lighter.

2. Ioniser: The ultrasonic vibrations charge the mist with Negative ions known to benefit our health and general wellbeing. Negative ions improve our respiratory and immune system. Helps relieve stress, lift one’s mood, boost alertness and energy.

3. Air Cleaner
: Negative ions also help clear dust, pollen, pet dander, cigarette smoke and stale cooking odours from the air.
Some pure essential oils like Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, etc together with the mist are also known help disinfect the air by clearing bacteria, fungi and certain viruses.

4. Aromatherapy:
Enjoy Aromatherapy experience by adding a few drops of pure essential oil to create a soothing and therapeutic atmosphere. Most essential oils have some natural benefit in them to contribute to our wellbeing. For example, pure Lavender essential oil is known to help with relaxation, sleep better, relief anxiety, etc.

5. Better and Safer than candles and candle oil burners
: Electric ultrasonic diffusers are safer alternatives to conventional candles and candle oil burners as they overcome the dangers of open flames, prevent depleting essential oxygen in the air that we breathe in and from producing carbon dioxide bad for health.

6. Retains the therapeutic and beneficial properties of pure essential oils intact
: Heating essential oils are known to lose some of their benefits. The lack of any heating elements in electric ultrasonic diffuser helps the essential oils to retain their full therapeutic and beneficial properties intact to enhance our health and wellbeing.

7. Decorative and appealing to the eye
: A wide range of unique shapes, beautiful and decoratively designed ultrasonic aroma diffusers and humidifiers are currently available to enhance any living space.

8. Colour Changing Night Light
: The colour changing LED night lighting in most ultrasonic diffusers provides a wonderful option to create a tranquil ambience that help to you unwind.

All in all, a very literal breath of fresh air to enjoy and relax!